“Pepper Spray, Rubber Bullets, and IRS Questionares”

Earlier this week Truth Out published an original article of mine. It’s entitled “Pepper Spray, Rubber Bullets, and IRS Questionnaire” and deals with a very peculiar trend that I’ve noted in the American corporate media. As I write in my piece,

Pepper spray, rubber bullets or an IRS questionnaire – which of these poses the greatest threat to your political speech? If the recent brouhaha over the IRS’s singling out of Tea Party groups and the lack of a similar uproar over the systematic use of state violence against the Occupy movement is any indication, only the IRS questionnaire poses any threat to our democracy. It may seem rather bizarre, but in our current political and media climate, Karl Rove and his well-monied friends are potential victims of a nefarious political police and Occupiers are just a public nuisance.

The full piece can be read here. Additionally, Popular Resistance, a new website that seeks to provide daily news about the grassroots movements that challenge corporate hegemony, has reprinted it.

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